Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Alaska Here We Come Day 1 May 24th

This morning we began our day about 7am and finished a few last minutes things around the house.  We wanted to leave our place presentable since others will be looking out for us while we are gone.  I drove the R.V to Camper World purchase a few items and Marie drove the car so she could purchase a few things from the Family Dollar store.  We met at Camper World and hitched up the car for towing and headed to Blountstown to my Mom’s house.
After lunch I went into Blountstown and had our dash A/C checked as it just didn’t seem to be cooling properly.  It was low in Freon; It was recharged and now it works much better.  This Florida heat is too much to endure without cooling and going west it appears to be more of the same.
This evening we had dinner with family and plan to head Northwest in the morning.
Merrill and Marie 

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