Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Clayton N.M. to Colorado Springs, Co.

This morning we left our camp ground about 8:15 and traveled to Colorado Springs arriving at “Focus on the Family” campus about 1:45.  They conduct  visitor tours at 2 o’clock in the afternoon and we were able to participate in that, very interesting and informative.  After leaving Focus on the Family we got a campsite in Colorado Springs and unhooked the car.  We grabbed a few snacks and drove the car over to the “Garden of the Gods”.  We enjoyed driving through and viewing the various rock formations.  We are now back at the camp site; the ladies are preparing supper and Stanley and I are doing our “computer things”.
We had stopped in Trinidad, CO to fill up with gas for $3.68 per gallon.  So far the most we had to pay for gas was 3.75 per gallon.  Marie & Mary Jane went to the Safeway grocery store next to the gas station to pick up a few things and found corn on the cob for only 8 cents a cob!!  We enjoyed that for tonight’s supper.
We only drove 253 miles today but then got to experience the 2 extra things here in Colorado Springs.   
Focus on the Family looking toward Pikes Peak

Entrance to Garden of the Gods

Balancing Rock

More Rocks

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  1. Our friends live near here....when we went to Focus on the Family last spring it was snowing and they were closing because of the weather. We only got to spend about an hour in there...a little disappointing!
    Enjoying following along....