Sunday, May 29, 2011

We had a good day of worship attending church with Edwin’s this morning.  After church Edwin grilled chicken at the Slagell’s where we as a family ate together.  This afternoon we played with the grandchildren even though it was extremely hot and windy; 95degrees and about 35 mph wind gusts with Oklahoma winds constantly blowing.
Sunday Lunch at Warren & Lola Slagell's

Hannah Singing in the Talent Show

This evening my sister Mary Jane and her husband Stanley Shirk arrived here about 5pm.  We attended a talent show and ice cream social with Edwin’s at their church.  After church we loaded and packed Stanley's things into the R.V.  We were able to get Stanley’s motorized scooter into the trunk of our Saturn.

Jacob getting his Birthday Presents Early

Since we will be traveling during Jacob's birthday on June 22 we gave him his birthday presents a bit early.

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