Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 4 Friday night May 27, 2011

Jacob, Cadon, & Hannah 
Hannah combing her Uncle Shelton's Horse
We had a good day today spending time with our Oklahoma grandchildren.  This morning the grandchildren showed us around their place and the Slagell farm.
Later this forenoon we all went into Weatherford, Ok.   Edwin showed us around the South West Oklahoma State University campus where he works as the Head Athletic Trainer and then they took us out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant.
Edwin in front of the Athletic Building

Edwin in his office
After lunch we went to General Thomas P. Stafford Air and Space museum; a very nice and informative museum.

This even Cadon had a baseball game in Hydro, Ok. So we went to watch him and his team play.
Cadon got a hit

Cadon running home

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