Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boarder City to Tok, Alaska

Today we left Boarder City, Alaska about 10am and traveled to Tok, Alaska only 87 miles. On our way we stopped at the Telslin Welcome Center where we were able to see a moose grazing off in the distance from the porch of the welcome center. When we got to Tok we stopped at the visitor center and then went on to Sourdough Campground and got a camp site. After we ate lunch we took the car and went back to the visitor’s center and several gift shops to shop for souvenirs. This evening the campground provided live entertainment that was held in the pavilion here at the campground. In addition to the country music singer they held a sourdough pancake tossing contest with the winners receiving a free sourdough pancake breakfast in the morning. I was one of the winners and another winner who was not able to stay for breakfast in the morning gave his winning token to us as well. Our plans are to stay here at the campground cafĂ© for a sourdough pancake breakfast before heading on North.

 Telslin Welcome Center
 Alaska Wild Flowers
Alaska Wild Flowers

Merrill Tossing a Pancake into "The Bucket"

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