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Saturday June 25, 2011

Saturday Events - Posted early Monday morning.

Saturday morning we were on the road by 9:30 heading south on the Parks Hwy.  At the location where the hwy. crosses the Nenana River they have a pedestrian walkway bridge which looked very interesting when we saw it last evening.  We decided to stop and walk the walkway and watch whitewater rafters going down stream. Several other tourists were doing the same thing so we got to visit with them as well. We wanted to see Mount McKinley however the cloud cover was too dense so we continued toward Anchorage without seeing McKinley.  We stopped by Hurricane Gulch and ewed and awed the deep depth of the gulch. When we got to the road leading to Petersville we drove our car out Petersville Road about 16 miles because this is reported to be a good place to view Mount McKinley if the clouds don’t hide it. The cloud cover was still hiding the mountain and it was drizzle rain off and on but the drive allowed us to see another remote part of Alaska. We headed south to the road leading to Talkeena which is another good place to view the tallest mountain in North America and went off route for about 16 miles again just in case the sky would clear this afternoon or in the morning. Talkeena is a quaint Alaska town with a population of about 850 people. They have shops of all kinds within walking distance of each other so we parked the camper and car and got out Stanley’s scooter so we could tour the town as pedestrians. One of the first places we visited was the river where we were told that yesterday was great for viewing the McKinley Mountain. We are camping tonight in a roadside “pull off” a free camp site. Several fire rings had left over firewood so we built a fire and after supper we made blueberry mountain pies over the open fire. Our plan is to leave here in the morning in time to attend Talkeena Baptist Church about 3 miles from here with or without seeing mount McKinley.

 Stanley at our campsite
 Harricane Gulch
Stanley and Mary Jane at Harricane Gulch
 Talkeena Roadhouse

Shops in Downtown Talkeena

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