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Wednesday June 22, 2011

This post is delayed because we had no or limited access to the internet.
Posted by Merrill at Denali on 6/24/11.

Marie, Merrill, Mary Jane and Stanley in Rhinos 
After a short night of sleep (we watched the sun set and rise about an hour later) we got home about 3:30 am 6/22/11.  We got up and headed out about 9:30 am to the Compeau Trail for Rhino (four wheeler riding) with Ed and Lorrie Shirk.  This is a trail that is on Bureau of Land Management property going up the mountain. It took us about 40 minutes to get to the trail entrance with Lorrie driving her car and Ed was driving his pick up truck pulling a trailer with the two Rhinos on the trailer.  At the trail beginning spot we unloaded the Rhinos and our belongings and headed up the trail with Ed, Stanley, Mary Jane, &Lorrie leading the way and Marie  and I following in the second Rhino. The trail offered a wonderful experience even thought the weather was cool and rainy.  It was only misting rain however a heavy fog moved in by the time we got to the top of the mountain 10 miles from the starting point. We stopped and ate our picnic lunch and headed back rather than go any further since the visibility was so pool. After returning to Ed and Lorrie’s home I drove the R.V. over to a mechanic friend of Ed’s to have our cruise control check out; it hasn’t worked since leaving Oklahoma. While on the way over I tried to use cruise and "wow" it worked like it was suppose to. I still left it with the mechanic to test it and called him later in the evening to find out his diagnosis; he said he couldn’t make it fail and that I could come get it.  Since he didn’t find any problem he didn’t bill me, that was good news and it is great that the cruise control is working again.

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