Friday, June 10, 2011

Junction 37 R. V. Campground to Carcross, Yukon

June 10th Today is our 44th anniversary!  Marie made a “Shoney’s breakfast”!  It was a great celebration for us.  We have commented different times that we’re eating good meals in our little camper.

Mary Jane and Stanley's Anniversary Breakfast

Stanley and Mary Jane at lunch on their anniversary
Marie & I did laundry last night and didn’t finish until about 11 pm and it was still daylight!!  This morning we were not in a hurry to leave – didn’t leave our campsite until 10, filled up with gas and finally got onto the Alaska Highway (at the end of Rt. 37) at milepost 626.  Once again today’s drive was pretty desolate and we only saw 1 bear. 

This is the black bear that we saw today

We arrived in Carcross, Yukon around 4:30 and took time to get information at the visitor’s center before finding a campsite for the night.  Because we were 4 days without internet service, the guys were busy this evening trying to update our blog but again service is intermittent; photos will have to be posted later.  Marie & I wrote post cards.
In our 239 mile journey today we listened to quite a few chapters of Beverly Lewis’ book, THE COVENANT.

Since it stays daylight so long up North we go to bed when it is still daylight and get up after the sun is high in the sky.

Mary Jane installing a block in the skylight to keep out the light from "their bedroom"

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