Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday June 27, 2011

Posted on Tuesday Morning for Monday June 27th

Monday morning before we left from Dennis and Crystal Byler’s place Crystal shared two loaves of homemade bread, and a bag of spinach and vine ripe tomatoes from their garden and greenhouse. She had already given us some of her homemade sweet rolls; all of which were very good. I guess she is trying to bribe us into coming back next summer; we really did enjoy our time with the Byler’s but I don’t think we will be able to come back anytime soon. We had met Dennis’ parents, Roman and Susan Byler (Roman is about my age) and they invited us to stop by their house about a mile up the road. Before we hooked our car to the R.V. we drove it over to Roman and Susie’s place. Soon after we got there Roman ask if we would like them to show us around the farms in the area and perhaps we could see some Alaska wildlife. We accepted his invitation and all got into his dual cab pick-up and away we went. This turned out to be a great adventure. We met a neighboring farmer and saw a herd of buffalos that he has grazing on his farm, also as a mother moose with a calf, a fox, and two Caribou. Our short visit turned into a half day but as Roman reminded us we are all retired and time is not an issue. We did have a wonderful time with them as well as seeing more of Alaska. When we finally got on the road we stopped at a wayside “pull off” and ate fresh tomato sandwiches (thank you Crystal). On our way to Anchorage we went through the town of Wasilla, Alaska the hometown of former governor and vice presidential hopeful, Sara Palin. We went by her house however public access to her house was blocked (as we expected) so we moved on. We are now at Anchorage, Alaska at a Fred Myer store parking lot. We did take time this afternoon to visit the Alaska Wild Berry Products Store. Our plans are to stay here in Anchorage tomorrow morning until we can get the oil changed (we now have over 5,000 miles on the current oil) in the R.V. and Marie has a prescription to get filled at Wal-Mart pharmacy.    
 Our campsite at the Bylers
 Roman's truck - see Marie looking out 
 Herd of Bufflao
 Alaska Wild Berry Products Store
Chocolate Falls Twenty Feet High in the Wild Berry Products Store

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