Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday June 26, 2011

Sunday Events posted on Monday by Merrill

Sunday morning we ate our sweet rolls that we purchased at the Talkeena Roadhouse for breakfast. After a leisurely morning we drove over to Talkeena Baptist Church where we attended the worship service. I was interesting to see some of the same people that we had met the day before when we were tourist in Talkeena. The people at the church were very friendly and we felt a warm welcome as we worshiped with them. After church we drove a few miles to the visitors center where stopped on Saturday and had our lunch there. The visitor’s center had wireless Wi-Fi so we were able to get on line for a little while. Leaving the visitor’s center we headed South on the Parks Hwy. toward Wasilla. Stanley’s cousin’s daughter, Crystal Byler her husband Dennis and her family live about 25 miles out of Wasilla. Mary Jane and Stanley have been in touch with the Byler’s and they invited us to stop for a visit when we were in the area. As it turned out we made it to their place Sunday afternoon and stayed at their place Sunday evening and participated in their hymn sing Sunday evening, a very enjoyable evening. After the hymn sing the boys went out in their larger front yard and played ball and were still playing when I took their pictures about 11pm. The people really enjoy their long daylight days here in the North Country. The Byler’s made us feel welcomed and told us we could use their place as our campsite for the night which we accepted.  In addition to their friendship and hospitality we also felt blessed to be able to use their internet connection.  
 Talkeena Baptist Church
Sign at the lane to the Byler's 
 Flower Bed at the Byler's
 Front of the Byler's house
   Playing ball at the Byler's 11pm

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