Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fairbanks to Denali, Alaska.

Post for Friday June 24, 2011

 As we were preparing to leave the Shirk's I was informed that Ed had volunteered to lead us out to our route on his Harley Davison motorcycle and give Mary Jane the motorcycle ride that she missed out on earlier this summer. The ladies wanted to get some groceries so the Safeway grocery store in Fairbanks was a good place for us to end Mary Jane’s motorcycle ride and have her join us for our continuing Alaska trip. Stanley and I were able to get online a bit from the Safeway coffee shop. After getting groceries and gasoline we were once again on our Alaska trip. We traveled to a campground 11 miles North of Denali; left the R.V. there and did our run this afternoon with the car. After spending time at the visitors center we drove as far into Denali Park as private vehicles were allowed (approximately 15 miles) and just before we headed back Marie spotted a caribou grazing down by the river so we had a lot of fun along with other tourist taking pictures of the caribou and wild flowers.  We are now back at camp; Stanley and I are trying to catch up on posting information for those of you who are following us.
  Our campsite at McKinley RV and Campground
               Merrill & Marie
                  Caribou at Denali

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  1. Hi, dear friends
    I'm following you with great interest and rejoice with you that you're able to take this marvelous trip!
    May God continue to bless you with what our parents called 'traveling mercies!' Isn't it wonderful to have learned for ourselves what they knew of God's grace and faithfullness!
    ~Carol Martin Yoder