Friday, June 10, 2011

Meziadin Lake Provincial Park to Junction 37 R.V. Park near Watson Lake, YT.

This morning (June 9th) we left our camp site about 8:30 and traveled Hwy. 37 also know as Stewart Cassiar Hwy.  This was 302 miles of scenic road leading to The Alaska Hwy. 13 miles northwest of Watson Lake, YT.  As we were leaving the campground just outside the entrance we spotted a Black Mama bear and two cubs, took some pictures and continued on our way; throughout the day we had 5 more bear sightings.  The route is very sparsely populated and we were told to be sure to fill up with gas at a place called “Bell 2” a “Last Frontier Heliskiing” resort.  In fact this is the only place in about 200 miles to purchase gasoline; we paid 1.52 per liter which equals over $6.00 per gallon.  We experienced about a 15 minute delay due to road work and another 10 minute delay due to forest fire workmen taking down danger trees.  The forest fire was about gone however we were able to see some of the resulting damage from this year and last year’s forest fires.
We arrived at Jct. 37 R.V. Park about 5:45, while Mary Jane checked us in I called Mama so Mary Jane and I talked to her and Carolyn.  We set up at our camp site and I washed the car (very dusty from towing) while Marie and Mary Jane prepared supper.  After supper Marie and Mary Jane did laundry while Stanley and I made our computer entries.
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