Friday, June 10, 2011

Piper Glen Resort to Meziadin Lake Provincial Park June 8, 2011

This morning (June 8th) we left our campsite about 7:15 (on a mission to get to Hyder, Alaska by evening) traveled northwest on Hwy 16 until reaching Hwy. 37. At that point we headed north on Hwy 37( a very desolate road).  We passed by a young moose grazing in a pasture too far away to get a picture.  We stopped in Smithers, BC. and filled up with gasoline paying our highest price ever so far; 1.36 per liter.  We stopped by Moricetown Canyon along Skeena River and took pictures.  At lunch time we were trying to find a place to pull off and eat, finally about 1:30 we found a place by a nice lake so I pulled into the area that was too small to make a loop turn around so we unhooked the car, got turned around and hooked it back up ready for travel while the ladies prepared our lunch.  The mosquitoes were the worst of any place I have ever seen; in broad daylight they literally swarmed over us.  Repellant helped a little but we were still shooing them away even after we got inside the R.V.
We arrived at Meziadin Lake Provincial Park and located a very nice camp site right next to the lake, paid our camp fee (we had plenty of mosquitoes here as well; our hostess wore a mosquito netting jacket), and drove the car to Hyder, Alaska.  This was about 40 miles along route 37A that goes to Stewart, BC. continuing on to Hyder, Alaska.  After driving around this small town and stopping at a few shops we drove out of town past the bear observation board walk and on to the site of three glaciers.  It is too early in the season to see bears scoop fish out of the stream but we did see a lot of waterfalls, a lot of snow and beautiful glacier formations. On our drive back to camp (40 miles) we spotted two black bears along the road.  The scenery to and from Hyder was so amazing, well worth the drive to and from.
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