Monday, July 25, 2011

Events of Sunday July 24, 2011 Posted by Merrill on Monday

Sunday at Yellowstone National Park some employees volunteer their time and conduct worship services at the amphitheater. We had difficulty finding the amphitheater in time to make the 9:00 service so we went back to the R.V. ate breakfast and made it a point to attend the 10:30 service.  It was a very meaningful service providing a worship experience in God’s magnificent creation as displayed here at Yellowstone National Park. After the service we packed a lunch, left the R.V. at the post office parking lot and drive the 17 miles or more with the car to see Old Faithful. When we got their the estimate time for the next eruption was in about 25 minutes; as it turned out the eruption happened about an hour after we arrived.  Old Faithful geyser was well worth the wait; it was amazing how people lined up around the sight to watch the hot water and steam shoot up in the air. Following the Old Faithful visit we drove further north to see several other smaller geysers and boiling water places. Late in the afternoon we left the Yellowstone National Park and drove about 15 miles to The Great Tetons National Park. We were able to camp at Colter Bay Campground. As soon as we got the R.V. parked we ate supper than drove the car to view the Great Tetons, magnificent mountains with rock formations all their own. We also enjoyed seeing wildlife along the 40 miles drive down and back.
Merrill and Marie
 Old Faithful Completing its Geyser Cycle
 Another Smaller Geyser
Entering The Grand Tetons

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