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Sunday July 17, 2011

Posted on Monday for Sunday's events by Merrill

Sunday morning we visited the Christian Missionary Alliance church in Fort Nelson. When we stopped at the visitor center on Saturday we were told that the church service starting time was 11:00. We left our camp site about 10:00 so we could ride around Fort Nelson a while before going to church, we arrived at the church about 10:40 and the parking lot was full of cars so we thought perhaps we were late. We were not given the proper information; their starting time is 11:00 in the winter and 10:30 in the summer however they like many places don’t start promptly. We were inside the church just as they were opening the service.  This particular congregation has been without a pastor for about five years however they do have a pastor that will be moving from Vancouver in the next month or so. They told us that it difficult to find a pastor who is willing to come this far north and settle into a remote area and make this their permanent home. One of their church elders, Ted Macdonald, brought the morning message preaching from Romans chapter 12.

Yesterday when we checked into the campground we ask about extending our stay passed the usual 11am check-out time and they approved us leaving the R.V. in the campsite until after we came back from church.  That made it very convenient to stay set up; when we came back from church the ladies prepared lunch so we ate before leaving. About 1:00 we were on the road again traveling south along the Alaska Highway. The road is very remote between Fort Nelson and Fort St John. We did take a break stopping at Bucking Horse River Lodge where Mary Jane called from the public phone to talk with their daughter Debbie. During our travel along this remote area we started listening to Patrick Swayze’s story on audible book. We didn’t plan to make this a long driving day so we began looking for a free “dry camp site” and sure enough about 4:45 we spotted a nice little pond with a gravel road good enough for us to drive right next to the pond. Stanley and I unhooked the car since we will have to back out. We also took advantage of the free pond water to wash our dirty car. We drove through some rain and the gravel road dirt just covers the car being towed. We see many dirty vehicles and vehicles with cracked windows because of loose gravel hitting them. So far we have two chips on our R.V. windshield and one on our car windshield; I’ll deal with that upon our return to Florida.

Church we attended 7-17-11  
 Wild Flowers - Fireweed along the Road
 Our Campsite


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