Saturday, July 16, 2011

Posted by Mary Jane Saturday July 16, 2011

After breakfast and devotions Saturday morning, Merrill & Stan were ready to get in the hot springs again before leaving Liard River area.  Marie & I walked down too but didn’t get in.  Only one other person was there when the guys arrived this morning and the water seemed hotter; maybe because the water wasn’t stirred around as much.  We came back to the camper, packed up and were on the road by 10:30.  Just a short time on the road we came upon a whole herd of buffalo – over a dozen adult ones and 5 calves.  While stopped to take pictures, several of them just walked across the road right in front of us, not paying a bit of attention to us.  Cars coming toward us had to stop to let them cross!  Not too much farther down the road we came upon another herd of buffalo – this time in a clearing a bit more off the road.  They were harder to see because of the trees so Merrill climbed up on top of the camper to take pictures!  Whatever it takes to get a good picture!!  We stopped to take about a mile hike at Mineral Lick, hoping to see sheep or caribou at the salt lick but we didn’t see any.  However, we saw beautiful scenery.  Lunch time found us at a pull-off overlooking Muncho Lake.  We had to stop again when we got down closer to the lake and revel in the beauty of the jade colored water and massive mountain behind the lake.  Journeying on we caught sight of a Mama & baby caribou but too far away to get a good picture.  We were also delighted to see several mountain sheep with young ones, close to the road which moved quickly as we approached.  There were so many different variations in the mountains we saw today – such beauty.

We arrived in Fort Nelson around 5:45, checked at the Visitor’s Center for info about camping for tonight and a church for tomorrow.  We had a little issue with our campsite but we finally set up here at Blue Bell Inn & RV Park – with Wi-Fi!!

 Herd of Buffalo as we left Liard hot Springs
Marie and Merrill at Muncho Lake

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