Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday July 2, 2011

Saturday morning we headed out with the car; our goal for the day was going to Homer, Ak. about 80 miles from Soldotna.  The first stop along the way was Clam Gulch where we saw many campers and people out on the beach digging clams. It began raining last night and continued a light rain and fog most of the day. The rain did not hinder us very much except that the visibility was limited. As we entered Homer we stopped at the Farmer’s market mainly to look around but we did purchase a few things.  We were amazed at how many campers and tourists were on the Homer Spit; we did see one cruise ship in the port so that in addition to the 4th of July holiday weekend probably contributed to the congestion. Before we left for "Home" we purchased Halibut to take back home in out R.V. freezer. We have limited space for added frozen food but we did want to take some Alaska Halibut home and we did manage to get it back to the R.V. and into the freezer.  We ate supper in the R.V. and decided to move on so we don’t have too big of a travel day tomorrow. It doesn’t get dark until late anyway so we will be driving in the daylight assuming we don’t go too far.

Clam Gulch
 Homer Farmer's Market


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