Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friday July 8, 2011

Friday morning we left our “back to nature” campsite beside the Indian River about 10:40 traveling toward Tok, Ak.  Along the way we drove into Grizzly Bear Campground for a brief visit; this was where Marie and I camped one night during the summer of 2003. Going on as we approached Mentasta Mountain we stopped at Brant’s Burl Furniture and Antler Carvings. There we inquired about the possibility of visiting the Mentasta Village, a native American village. This village is off the main road about 7 miles so we left the R.V and drove the car into Mentasta Village. Dr. Katie John who is 95 years old is the oldest living Athabastian Indian in the village and was the individual responsible for obtaining fishing rights for her “Nation” to fish in their traditional fishing grounds. She was recently awarded an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Alaska at Fairbanks.  We had the privilege of visiting with one of her granddaughters, a great grandson and Katie John herself while in the village.  Traveling on we reached Tok, Ak. and are set up at Sourdough R.V. Campground, this is same place we stayed at on our way toward Fairbanks, Ak. This campground has the famous pancake toss each evening in the community room for all campers to enjoy. We were having our supper during the pancake toss and since we had already participated we choose to skip it this time. After supper while Marie and Mary Jane were doing laundry and Stanley was working on his computer; I drove out to “Cleft of the Rock” Bed and Breakfast owned by Bob and Betts Burkholder. I had a very nice visit with them and was glad I took the time to go by their place. Lois Martin (my cousin) is friends of the Burkholder’s and told us about their B & B. in Tok, Ak.  Since we are in a camper we don’t need the use of a B & B on this trip but it would be a very nice place to stay.
Mary Jane, Dr. Katie John, Merrill & Marie 
 Cleft of the Rock B. & B. in Tok, Ak. 

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