Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday July 27, 2011

Wednesday our travels took us from Pueblo, Co. to Amarillo, Tx. a total of 309 miles. Yesterday we experienced 98 degrees as we traveled south and today we saw 105 degrees as we passed through Dalhart, Tx. As we are approaching the end of our Alaska travels together I want to publicly thank Marie and Mary Jane for their housekeeping and cooking and Mary Jane for her bookkeeping skills. Many thanks to Stanley for his help with connecting and disconnecting the car and R.V. Stanley was also our map reader and guide as we traveled unfamiliar roads; thank you, Stanley, for all your help. “Susan” in our GPS was a good help however there is no substitute to good old map reading. We discovered that even though the GPS was helpful sometimes it had a difficult time leading us the way we wanted to go. Tonight is the last night that we will be camping at a campground together as we plan to arrive at Edwin and Melissa’s place in Oklahoma tomorrow. Yesterday and today we finished with the accounting of the cost of our trip and Mary Jane informed us that our trip actually is concluding under the amount that we estimated. This evening Stanley and Mary Jane treated us to a meal of our choice to show their appreciation for the trip. We had a delightful treat at Braum’s here in Amarillo, TX. We will miss the travel experiences we had during the last two months; however we are looking forward to getting home soon and back into our normal routines.
Marie, Stanley, & Mary Jane at Rest Area

One of many trains that we saw in the west and NW  

 Old Wind Mill along the way
 Marie, Merrill, Stanley, & Mary Jane at Braum's 
 Our last stay at an R.V. Park
    Marie at our campsite in Amarillo, Tx.

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  1. Mmmm!! Braums! We ate at one in Texas as well. But I don't think it was Amarillo, although we went through there!
    I'm sure you have mixed feelings about ending this trip....but we will be glad to have you back safe & sound! :)