Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday July 14, 2011

Thursday morning we got on the road about 8:00 and headed south from Whitehorse, YT Canada. We traveled 269 along the Alaska Highway making several stops along the way. A young black bear almost ran across the road in front of us, turned back and started to make a second dash across the road before heading back into the woods where he came from. I came to a complete stop but not quick enough to get the bear photographed.  Our lunch stop was at a wayside park at the Continental Divide. Soon after leaving the rest area we came to Continental Divide Lodge where we stopped and had rhubarb pie and coffee for dessert. We saw lots of rhubarb growing while on this trip but this was our first rhubarb pie. Traveling on we saw a brown bear grazing and digging for something along the right-of-way. He was too far away for good pictures but we photographed him anyway as best we could; it was fun watching him. We arrived here in Watson Lake about 3:45; stopped for gas and found out there was a bank two business away so we hurried over to the bank to exchange US funds to Canadian funds before the bank closing time at 4pm. From there we went to the campground and we are now set-up including an internet connection. After supper we went over to the Sign Post Forest here in Watson Lake to see if we could identify any of the previous thousands of travelers who passed by here and left a “sign post”. It was really interesting seeing all the different types of signs.
Just before leaving to go to the Sign Post Forest I discovered that my new camera that I purchased in Montana on this trip to replace the old camera that failed is also failing. I then began looking for the warranty and receipt and the receipt seemed to be lost. Stanley said we need to pray and ask God for help once again to find the lost item. While he was praying he said it was revealed to him where to look for the lost receipt; sure enough he found my receipt in the compartment where it had been placed; probably by me but with all that has been going on the past few weeks who knows? PTL I now have the proof of purchase and all the necessary papers that I should be able to get it replaced if I can ever find a Wal-mart.  My picture taking days may be over for a while; fortunately in this digital world I will be able to get pictures from Stanley’s.You may see Stanley's photos on Facebook.  

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