Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday July 19, 2011

This morning when I woke up I realized that this was the first night in quite a while that our heater did not run during the night; Stanley did turn the thermostat up for heat a little bit this morning to take the chill out.  Marie and Mary Jane prepared French toast for breakfast; we filled our water tank and emptied the holding tank as we were leaving the campground. The ladies wanted to do laundry so we stopped in a town along the way called Valley View, upon checking the only Laundromat in town the ladies said they were not willing to pay $4 per load to wash so we decided to wait until this afternoon.  We stopped traveling this afternoon about 3pm at Sagitawah R.V. Park a very nice park which is full service including a laundry room; $2.25 to wash and $1.50 to dry so it was worth the wait. We also have Wi-Fi at this campground. The scenery today was very similar to what we see in northern US. We only traveled 187 miles and called it a day. This evening after supper we walked around the park and out to the river, they have had a lot of rain recently; the mud that is still around is positive proof of the recent rain. We will be traveling within Canada two more days and then into Montana on our way south.
 Stanley updating his Facebook
 Our campsite at Sagitawah R.V. Park
 Stanley, Mary Jane, and Marie Crossing a Foot Bridge
 Mary Jane & Stanley walking toward the Foot Bridge

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