Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday July 21, 2011 Posted by Mary Jane & Merrill

We left our Calgary Wal-Mart overnight spot about 8:30am and headed downtown Calgary with the intent to see Devonian Gardens with the R.V. and car in tow, a big mistake; the downtown area was not designed to park a rig our size so we circled around and decided to skip seeing the gardens. Once again headed South; our goal was to get into USA today. Since our route took us through the town of High River, Alberta we took time to stop by HyPower Fuel, a company that Marie’s brother, Ira was in partnership with to see how the business was doing. We were not able to find anyone at the manufacturing shop so we traveled on. Leaving there we used up all our Canadian cash to put gas in the RV which was enough to bring us to Great Falls, MT.  It was warm enough today to eat our lunch at a Wayside/RV park where we picked a few Saskatoon berries.    It appears that today was one of travel only which was ok as our main mission today was to reach Montana, We arrived at US Customs about 2:45 and we were checked through without any problems.  Because Stan needed to order some medication we stopped at the first town after crossing the border so he could make a phone call from a pay phone.  In that little town of Shelby we came upon a farmers market where we bought some fresh garden produce.  We needed to make sure we didn’t have any fruits or vegetables in our possession when we crossed the border so we were ready to stock up again once we got through. Though we are still so far from home, just coming into Montana makes us feel like we are home!  We filled up with gas at a Sam’s Club in Great Falls and Marie & I went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart.  Since it was about 8 o’clock by the time we finished shopping, Merrill suggested we have supper at McDonald’s so we wouldn’t have to cook plus then we’ll have free           Wi-Fi.
 Marie, Mary Jane, & Stanley picking Saskatoon Berries
  Lunch beside the river next at Wayside Park

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