Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tuesday July 5, 2011

Written by Mary Jane for Tuesday July 5th; Posted by Merrill on July 7th
No photos today internet connection too slow.

Tuesday we woke up to an overcast sky very common weather for this rainforest area. We decided since the weather was so unsettled we would do indoor things first so we went to a store called “Sugar and Spice” where they show two movies to their customers; one about the construction of the pipeline and one about the 1964 earthquake and tsunami that devastated Valdez and many other areas in Alaska. We also drove around the city of Valdez including the residential area. While driving along in the residential area beside the road in a wooded area was a mama black bear with two clubs. Of course when they saw us they scampered away before we could get pictures.  We decided to have fish & chips for lunch at OldTown Burgers, connected to the campground where we stayed last night. 

Back to get the RV, we headed out to the inlet where we saw bear last night. Since it was a bit early to see bear we enjoyed watching the otters, sea lions, birds & fish.  With the RV parked overlooking the water Merrill & Marie took a little nap while Stan & I watched & walked. (We need to keep our driver well rested and we’ve kept late nights a good bit!) When Merrill & Stan were both outside they met a couple from PA. (Gary & Linda Detter) who used to live in Dot Lake, AK.  They were at the Children’s Home before Stan’s brother, Ed & Lorrie Shirk took over years ago.  The guys had an interesting conversation with the Detters.  The young bear finally came around and rather than being so playful like he was the night before, he got more serious about finding something to eat and we actually saw him catch a fish twice!!  The bear finally wandered off and we went to find a place to park for the night – dry camping at a nice near a river pull-off.

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