Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday July 1, 2011

Friday morning we traveled from the visitor’s center at the Whittier Jct. along the Seward Highway toward Soldotna.  Our first stop was the small sleepy fishing town of Hope, Ak. We arrived in Hope about 9:30 and most of the few shops were not yet open for business so we just drove around took a few pictures and visited with the few folks that were available. We were on the road again by 11:00 leaving the little sleepy town of Hope, Ak. behind us. As we traveled along the Sterling Highway toward Soldotna we encountered heavier traffic than normal. Upon inquiry we were told us that this is the beginning of the 4th of July traffic. The town of Seward which is beyond where we turned off goes all out to celebrate Independence Day including a race up and down the one mountain, a tradition that started many years ago.  One thing that is very noticeable up north is that the local as well as tourist really make use of the long daylight days in the summer. As we were passing we saw some wading fishermen in the Kenai River and in that same area we spotted a black bear walking along the river.  We could only assume that the fishermen were prepared to deal with the bear if the bear became aggressive. After finding a place to park the R.V. we drove the car around to go sightseeing in the Soldotna and Kenai area. This evening after supper the Marie and Mary Jane did laundry at a laundry while Stanley and I are in the café at the Fred Myer store using the internet here in Soldotna.
Sourdough Drug Store in Hope, Ak.

Marie and Merrill in Hope, Ak.
Gift Shop in Hope, Ak.
Flower bed in "old town" Kenai, Ak.
Russian Orthadox Church
Burger Bus in Kenai, Ak.


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  2. Our Conference at sea cruise ship landed at Whittier on July 4--we got there quite late,(actually early AM),but it was timed that way so that it would be dark enough! That is dark enough for fireworks on the 4th! :)

    July 2, 2011 6:14 PM

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