Saturday, July 16, 2011

Posted Saturday by Mary Jane for Friday July 15, 2011

We went to bed Thursday night hearing rain and woke up Friday morning hearing rain which made for good sleeping!  Because we were up late last night and it was raining, we took our time getting around in the morning.  By the time Marie & I went to the Visitor’s Center and the guys gassed up the R.V., we didn’t get off until 11:30.  Our excitement for the day was seeing lots of wild life as we traveled.  One at a time we saw 9 buffalo and 5 bear.  It’s fun to stop and watch them and interesting that we feel we have to take a picture each time!

The rain let up soon after we were on the road and we had times of bright sunshine and then more cloudiness too.  We arrived at Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park Campground around 4:30.  The campground was already full but they allowed us to park in the day use parking lot.  We had a nice spot in the corner and opened the canopy for the 1st time.  We changed into our swimwear and headed for the Hot Springs – and hot it was!  There is a section that is not quite so hot and that helped us get our body adjusted.  Merrill, Stan & I got in; Marie didn’t even bring her bathing suit on this trip, but she did at least step in (and she took pictures).  We had a supper of leftovers and we all went to bed early - that mineral water really relaxed us.  Plus we had no internet service!

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