Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday July 26, 2011 Posted by Merrill

Tuesday morning we left our campsite at Casper Wy. about 8:45 and went to an Exxon service station and filled up both the R.V. and car with regular unleaded for $3.329 per gallon; the cheapest so far on this trip. As we travelled Mary Jane (our bookkeeper) spent a good portion of the day figuring out our expenses and who paid what so we can reconcile the total expenses of the trip to be certain both couples pay 50% of the cost.  On our way up to Alaska when we stopped for fuel in Cheyenne, Wy. the “Corner Store” had “Jamaica Hot Patties” for sale and we had already eaten lunch that day so we decided we would stop on the way back. Sure enough two months later we found the same the same “Corner Store” and purchased Jamaica Hot Patties for lunch. Our travel today was along I-25 with ranches along both sides of the interstate most of the way. We did however go through a few urban areas; much different than what we found in Alaska. While traveling south of Colorado Springs a truck driver passed us with a semi-truck and was weaving; seemed to have trouble keeping his truck in the driving lane. We kept a safe distance behind him just in case of an unpleasant incident.  A few minutes later a state trooper passed us and pulled the truck over so surely he took care of whatever the problem was. That was the extent of our excitement for the day. Since we had so many exciting experiences in Alaska we are now trying to “wind down” toward normalcy so we will be ready to handle our normal duties when we get home. I do not have any pictures to post today; however you may go to Facebook and see pictures the Stanley Shirk has posted of our trip; just click on photos.      

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